5 Top Tips For a Great Outdoor Event!

The lockdown was relaxed on April 12th with more restrictions being lifted in the coming months (if all goes to plan). So having an outdoor event is a great (and safe) opportunity to celebrate and have a socially distanced gathering. This could be a party, anniversary, event, or family gathering.

Here are our 5 top tips for making your outdoor event great!

1. Check the guidelines 

Safety first, check the latest government guidelines to make sure you and your guests are as safe as possible and there is no risk of COVID-19 transmission. Click here for the latest guidelines. 

2. Location 

Make sure the location can accommodate everyone, following the guidelines. Does it have everything you need? power, drinks, seating, tables, music, etc. 

3. Outsource (where you can)

Hosting an event is stressful! Make your life easier as much as you can. There are plenty of companies and services available to cater to nearly every aspect of eventing. Of course for the drinks, we recommend one of our mobile bars!

4. Plan ahead of time 

Have a checklist, a schedule, and a plan of what is happening and when. Make sure the right people know the plan and details. It's always best to organise things ahead of time giving notice to correct any issues that may arise! Invite your guest's plenty in advance. 

5. Enjoy!

You've spent so much time planning and organising your event you deserve to enjoy it!